Carbon Fibre Foot Stretcher


Fully Adjustable with Foot Plate

Croker Oars continue to innovate in the sport of rowing, searching for new and improved technology to create quality rowing products for rowers to perform at their absolute best. So with the success of the carbon fibre seats comes our fully adjustable Carbon Fibre Foot Stretcher. A beautifully crafted, light and sleek carbon fibre foot stretcher that fits Doubles, Pairs, Fours and Eights. The foot stretcher is fully adjustable. 

Two kinds available, one with 10 degrees angle within the footstretcher, allowing rowers to increase the drive in the legs and a flat (without a 10 degrees angle) fits any boat. (Except for singles.)

Having the advantage of extra comfort and stability and allowing the leg drive to engage the glutes quicker. The foot plate is slightly wider for better boat balance and quickly adjustable if need be.

The Slide Bracket is a new feature on the foot stretcher. It replaces the heavier stainless steel bracket and can clamp better to the boat with the radial serrations design.

Fits Doubles, Pairs, Fours and eights.

Singles coming soon

Footplate Size

Width 290mm wide

Height 140mm

Weight (approx) 182 grams


Angled Foot Stretcher Size

Width 290mm wide

Height 340mm

Weight (approx) 314 grams


Flat Foot Stretcher Size

Width 290mm wide

Height 340mm

Weight (approx) 330 grams


Note: Shoes not included