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Carbon Sweep Oar

The carbon sweep oar is lighter and stiffer than wooden oars and they offer better performance. Our carbon sweep oars comprises of four parts: blade, spigot, shaft and handle. All parts are replaceable.The carbon sweep oars are available with various shafts, ranging from a light, stiff full carbon, our original standard carbon/glass composite, and a flexible, tough fibreglass shafts.


L4 Full Carbon Sweep Oar


This full carbon shaft is constructed using multi-layer, multi direction, uni carbon layup. It is very stiff, light and responsive.




Weight of completed oar:    

6.5kg - 6.7kg



Carbon Sweep Oar
Sweep Oars




Standard Carbon Sweep Oar


Our standard carbon sweep oar is our original shaft. This is constructed using a mixture of uni carbon and fibreglass fabric. This is a very popular shaft and features strength and durability.





Weight of completed oar:    




Carbon Sweep Oar

L6 Glass Sweep Oar


The glass sweep oar is a full fibreglass construction and is economical and tough. It has been designed to bend rather than break so might be handy for new sweeps who want to gain experience without gear breakage.



Glass Sweep Oar



Weight of completed oar:    




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