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Croker Oars have been making oars for surf boats for over 40 years. When Croker Oars began to manufacture carbon oars in 1990 one of the first products developed was carbon composite surf oars. These products have evolved and progressed over the years and our blades are now produced by our 5th generation, vacuum assisted resin injection process. This constant process of improvement and refinement has ensured that Croker Oars remain the preferred supplier of surf oars and rowlocks.


All Croker surf Oars feature taper wall construction that puts more fibre where you need it most. The shafts are constructed from various mixtures of high strength carbon fibre and fibreglass epoxy prepreg. They are designed to provide an optimal balance between strength, stiffness and weight. Note that the stiffness is not the same thing as strength! Both factors have to be considered in the shaft lay-up.

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