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Surf Handles & Grips


Carbon Adjustable Handles
Carbon Adjustable Handles
Carbon Adjustable Handles
Carbon Adjustable Handles


The carbon adjustable handle is available is 3 sizes (black, yellow and white end caps) and can be fitted with 3 different grip styles (foam rubber, timber veneer, or heat shrink rubber).

BLACK END CAP – Tapers from 39 - 42mm
WHITE END CAP – 42mm straight through
YELLOW END CAP – Tapers from 42 - 45mm
These handles can also be fitted to our oars as a fixed length handle.



We have designed our surf handles with comfort and ease of use as our highest priority. Selecting a handle that is correct for you is necessary to achieve the best performance. A handle that is too small will cause trouble in the rough water and may turn in the rowers hand uncontrollably.


A handle that is too big will fatigue the rower’s forearms and also result in excessive wrist movement feathering the oar. 


Flat Sweep Handle
Flat sided


Carbon Sweep Handles

Our carbon sweep handles are available as flat sided with rubber shink grip.

Carbon Sweep Handles
Rowing Grips
Heat Shrink grip
Heat Shrink Grips


Rowing Grips

3 types to suit your individual requirements.



Timber Veneer Grip
Timber Veneer Grips


AUD $11.00 each

Blue Rubber Grip
Blue Rubber Grips


All prices are in $AUD - and include GST

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