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Rowing Sleeves & Buttons


The easily distinguishable Croker pink was first introduced in 1992 when Kaye Croker decided she could make masculine rowers use pink. What started as a threat has become the hallmark of Croker genuineness and quality.


Our Croker pink sleeves, teamed with our yellow buttons, make a Croker Oar impossible to miss. 

There are three different types of sleeves and buttons to choose from - the new MK4, MK3 and MK1.

Introducing the Quick Adjustment Rowing Button & Rowing MK4 Sleeve


Firmer lockup while maintaining smoothness of the Croker Sleeve.

No tools needed for adjustment!

Available for Arrow Rowing & Standard Rowing Shafts.

Rowing MK4 Sleeve
and Quick Adjustment Lever Button


The MK4 sleeve is specially designed for the new quick adjustment lever button, held together with plastic interlocking clips. It is more stable with a larger surface area making the square and feather position more positive. 

NOTE: MK4 Buttons will only fit a MK4 Sleeve



MK4 ARROW Sleeve 

Fits Shafts: M47, M49

AUD $22.00ea