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L4 Surf Oars


The L4 shaft is our latest model. It features multi-layer, multi axial construction using unidirectional carbon fibre prepreg. This is the preferred construction method for the production of highly loaded marine structures, for example, the latest Americas Cup tubular structures. The best strength to weight result is achieved because the layers of carbon fibre are not distorted by the wearing/braiding process. This is the lightest oar in our range. This is available as an L4 which is great for ladies and juniors as well as L4 stiff, which is great for open mens crews.




Weight of completed oar:    

4.8kg - 5.1kgs



L4 Surf Oar

L2 Surf Oars


The L2 is our most popular surf oar available. It features a balanced layup of unidirectional carbon and fibreglass. This shaft offers performance and durability and has been designed for all levels of rowing.





Weight of completed oar:    

5.5kg - 5.8kgs



L2 Surf Oar

L3 Surf Oars


The L3 is a great all round club oar. It has been designed for club use. It has a greater fibreglass content making it extremely durable.





Weight of completed oar:    

6.5kg - 7.0kgs



L3 Surf Oar
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